How do I connect Moof-it to my bike? Use your VanMoof account to securely login to Moof-it. The app will automatically connect to your bike. Make sure the bluetooth on your phone is switched on and close any other apps that might try to connect to your bike.
Which bike models are currently supported? For now the VanMoof S3 & X3 are supported. Other models will follow soon!
Does Moof-it void my warranty? There are currently no cases reported where someone's warranty has been voided for the use of Moof-it.
It's highly unlikely that one's warranty will be voided in the future.
Does Moof-it support my firmware? Moof-it supports all firmware versions. Note that the 37 km/h mode is only available on firmware v1.7.6 or earlier.
Does Moof-it support multiple bikes? For now Moof-it only supports one bike per VanMoof account. The first one in your garage is selected. Multi bike support will be added soon!
Can I support the creators of Moof-it? You can help us by telling others about Moof-it and by using our referral code when you purchase your VanMoof bike. Referral code: VRR#D1I4-WNXH-QQP1